VENTILATEUR is a trio from Bruges that explores the boundaries of their instruments and compositions by mixing elements of jazz, post-rock and fusion. Through their energetic live performances, filled with improvisation in between songs, the band carries the audience along compelling melodies, angular propelling rhythms and vibey soundscapes. 


In the summer of 2020, VENTILATEUR joined forces with theater-collective Camping Sunset. They wrote a live soundtrack to the theater play 'Happiness', based on the film of the same name by Todd Solonds from 1998. To create the music, the band worked closely with the collective to create a soundtrack that became an inherent part of the piece in the short time of two weeks. In They recorded the complete soundtrack at Het Entrepot in Bruges, resulting in 'A Soundtrack For Happiness'. The title refers to the variable nature of the music, as it was performed differently each night and, like the piece, grew through the performances.

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