‘Seeing Shapes’ is the first single from ‘Forever’, the new album by Belgian indie rockers Teen Creeps that will be released in January 2021 on PIAS Recordings. A limited cassette edition will be available through sentimental!

‘Seeing Shapes’ kicks off with fast paced guitar riffs and frantic drumming. The song brings the energy and 90s rock aesthetic you’ve gotten to know Teen Creeps for on ‘Birthmarks’, their acclaimed debut album. But it adds some melancholy and pop sensibility that’s new for the band.

In the accompanying video we see the trio getting ready for a show: rehearsing, checking the sound and finally playing said live show. It was of course filmed before the covid-pandemic hit. That makes it an unintentional testament of playing live and seeing bands play. Something we can hopefully return to sooner rather than later. The whole video was shot on old school video cameras. The VCR quality gives the video a charm and 90s touch that suits the band and their sound.

Watch the video for the first track 'Seeing Shapes' below.

'Forever' will be out January 22, 2021.

'Forever' will be released as a limited cassette edition. Click here to pre-order a copy.

The vinyl and cd version are released by PIAS. Click here to pre-order through them.

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