Sunflower is back with new music! A year after their debut EP 'The Spiders We Caught', the band will now release a double single called 'Ordinary Feelings'.

Double single ‘Ordinary Feelings’ is the answer to the question who of what Sunflower is. The Belgian quintet took its time to experiment and think outside of the box. The new instruments that were used and the exploration of new roads prove that Sunflower is maturing. Their underlying melancholy immediately shimmers through in the first single ‘Your Potential’, a crooked yet radio friendly track along the lines of Sunflower’s personal heroes dEUS. The second track, ‘Nevertheless’, is a more straightforward track and continues steadily  until the fivepiece drops the listener in thin air, where Nathan Daems waits to subtly fill the void with a dreamy landscape. Together with the saxophonist, Sunflower ends the song, and the double single, with a chaotic yet controlled climax that lingers on long after the last note is played.

Watch the video for the first track 'Your Potential' below.

'Ordinary Feelings' will be out March 27.

'Ordinary Feelings' will be released on 7" vinyl and as a limited cassette edition.

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