Finally, a new sentimental session! This time we invited Lucas Schreel, who has just released his first solo album 'We're Never Afraid Of Getting Up Every Morning', to perform a couple of tracks.

A personal message from Lucas --

"I have decided to focus on my instrumental songs during live concerts. This allows more freedom and improvisation, which for me as a musician are important elements when playing.

For this occasion I wanted to create completely different versions of the songs, compared to to the ones you can find on the album. To achieve this I invited jazz pianist/ keyboard wizard Jozef Dumoulin. My “compagnon de route” Casper Van De Velde was of course also back in town.

I was told we could do the live session on the roof of Entrepot, with a view of the harbor docks in the background. I linked this industrial environment to Twin Peaks (hence the sexy, slightly corny synthesizer and my hip Levi’s jeans). But sitting on this roof, on top of the world, doesn’t mean the music needs to become too pompous or dramatic. And then Casper came with his brilliantly cute drum set-up."

'We're Never Afraid Of Getting Up Every Morning' is released as a limited cassette edition.

Click here to get a copy.

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