Rumours announce a new release and share title track 'How Many Roses', which will only get you more excited for what's to follow. Check out the video below.

Ghent-based electronica formation Rumours is a mystical materialization of shamanpop, merging tropical vibes with trip-hop, low key techno and ambient. Following up on their previous releases (Infant EP (2015) and MEGAMIX (2018, LFDY)), the band is back with a new music and some new live shows.

'How Many Roses' will be released on 31 January 2020. Later this week, Rumours will share another new single. Stay tuned!

"Fearless is a quality we search for in music.

Even when our house is on fire, we persist in making music. Without boundaries.

This third installment in our journey isn’t a offspring of the musical mood we were in at that time.

It was a fight for existence and it shows.

'How Many Roses' is here to tell a story, to ask the question what we as a band can be(come).

It takes you to our deepest emotions, but also to our fierce strengths.

It’s a tale of fear and a chronicle of commitment.

'How Many Roses' is not a bitter story. It’s actually quite easy to love."

'How Many Roses' will be released on 12" vinyl and as a limited cassette edition.

Click here to pre-order a copy, and here to pre-save the album on Spotify.

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