The gloomy title track immediately sets the tone for what is to follow on Mannequin's first full length 'From A Distance', out January 10th.

Coming from the hills of north of San Diego County, Mannequin is a reflection of the minds of David San German and Taylor Allen. With moody post punk bass lines, hauntingly sadden vocals, and layers upon layers of warm synth melodies, their music transports you to a distant, cold, familiar and unforgiving metropolis. Following their debut release ‘Singles/Faction’ (sentimental, 2017) and their EP ‘Nocere’ (2019), Mannequin is set to release their first full length ‘From A Distance’. The duo remains everything they were but now with an added elegance and maturity, making them arguably romantic in their own nature.

Watch the video for ‘From A Distance’ below.

'From A Distance' will be released as a limited cassette edition on January 10th.

Pre-orders are online now. Click here to order a tape!

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