We're very happy to introduce you to musical jack-of-all-trades Lucas Schreel. As a trained guitarist, he has been at work in the free improvisation and contemporary jazz scene, playing in various ad hoc line-ups with Jozef Dumoulin, Teun Verbruggen, Mattias Decraene, etc., as well as in the more alternative scene with his band Kloothommel.

The past years, Schreel has been quietly working on a solo album. After all the improvisation and experimenting, he felt the urge and necessity to write ’simple songs’. Within the framework of conventional song structures, Schreel challenged himself to create an authentic identity. Because he had little affinity with song lyrics, he decided to invent his own language, inspired by Japanese. He aimed for a rather naive and childish gibberish, which gives the music a playful character. Ironically, every song started with a text and has therefore a message - but it is not intended for the listener.

The resulting record ‘We're Never Afraid of Getting Up Every Morning’ is a cinematic and expressive album with which Schreel succeeded to create a world of his own.

Watch the video for the first track 'Anifares' below.

'We're Never Afraid Of Getting Up Every Morning' will be out October 2.

'We're Never Afraid Of Getting Up Every Morning' will be released as a limited cassette edition.

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