We're very proud to release our very first mixtape, featuring a bunch of our favorite Belgian artists of the moment. Get a copy here or listen to the full compilation here.

A sentimental Mixtape #1 offers a glimpse into the more gloomy and undervalued sounds of the Belgian music scene at this point in time, without ever wanting to be exhaustive. Born from the label's desire to bring together the music they love and to find a common ground in their distinctiveness, this compilation presents a snapshot of artists that dare scan the boundaries and never compromise. The thirteen tracks, all created in different contexts by artists who may or may not know each other, explore a wide array of styles, yet encounter one another in their boldness and individuality. Building on repetition, noise and unusual sounds, the compilation embraces longstanding musical conventions, but never eschews the experiment.


Rumours - Last Night

Slumberland - Roomers of Rumours

Teambuilding - be still

Sunflower - Inhuman

Ohio Mark - Lucid Lake

Paper Hats - N.I.C Hoofdstuk I

Public Psyche - Luminate

El Yunque - Sword Beach

Novgrod - Hunters

10  Fornet - Moonlit (b)

11  Sergeant - Nothing But Words

Which I or Anyone Else

Can Turn Inside Out Like a Glove

12  First - Losing

13  Vaal - Fanfare