Novgrod is the home recording project of Giel Cromphout (El Yunque, BLÆGGER). He has been steadily releasing lo-fi and experimental music since 2015. ‘Slogans’, his 7th release under the Novgrod moniker, is the first that got issued by sentimental. It’s a short, dark piece of lo-fi music, revolving around the sound of broken acoustic guitars, distorted contact microphones and baritone vocals. After previewing a new song on ‘a sentimental mixtape’, Novgrod is planning to release more music this year.

On November 8, Novgrod will release his 8th record 'Roald'. Though slightly more hi-fi and mature, Roald can be considered as a continuation of previous Novgrod releases. Throughout its nine tracks, the record features acoustic guitars, rattling looped percussion and experimental sound collages. The lyrics, more prominent than before, focus on themes such as nature, exploration and cultural snobbery.

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