12 FEBRUARY 2021

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In the summer of 2020, VENTILATEUR joined forces with theater-collective Camping Sunset. They wrote a live soundtrack to the theater play 'Happiness', based on the film of the same name by Todd Solonds from 1998. To create the music, the band worked closely with the collective to create a soundtrack that became an inherent part of the piece in the short time of two weeks. Immediately after this intense production period, 'Happiness' was performed for three consecutive weeks in De Wasserij in Ghent, musically supported by the trio.

In October 2020, the complete soundtrack was recorded at Het Entrepot in Bruges, resulting in 'A Soundtrack For Happiness'. The title refers to the variable nature of the music, as it was performed differently each night and, like the piece, grew through the performances.

1  Balayeurs

2  Chop Chop

3  Lenny Once Went Golfing But It Wasn't Really His Thing

4  Magneet

5  Knock-Knock (Joe Knows)

6  Safe Space

7  Kletsnat

8  Cendrier

9  Beeldenstorm


10  Onomatopee

11  Delirium

12. x Allen x Helen x

13  At Bat

14  Passant

15  Oh Joy Won't You Buy Me

16  Diva (Boris Knows)

17  Inside A

18  Menage

limited to 50 copies

white tape in clear case + 2-panel J-card