El Yunque is a four-piece experimental music group from Hasselt, Belgium. From their start in late 2013, the band is known for its abrasive sound and insane live shows.


After releasing 2 EPs, the band put out their debut album ‘Baskenland’ in March 2016 which was met with critical acclaim from Belgium alternative scene. With this album El Yunque perfected its sound while not losing the intensity from their live shows and earlier material.


Early 2017 the band followed up with the Boxes LP, a concept album about retired NBA-players, birds, cougars, and creative freedom. Compared to the debut, it was written in a very short amount of time. Moreover its was the first album that was produced by the band themselves.


During the first half of 2018, El Yunque returned to their homestudio ‘De Barak’ to work on the follow up. The result was O Hi Mark, an album about the invasion of Normandy, social media, a Mongolian emperor and the worst movie ever made. Some might call it a conceptual record. Others might not. The project, which was again self produced by the band, saw the band moving away from its initial sound resulting in a sound so difficult to define that even we have no idea how to describe it. The four-piece premiered the album during Play Festival at Muziekodroom Hasselt, a performance that it still being talked about to this day. 

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