A.D. Mana is the moniker for Berlin-based, UK artist, Adam Ferns. His music combines elements of coldwave, post-punk and synth-pop, channeling songs of desire, futurism and understated emotion.


His 2017 self-titled EP was formed during time spent in London, Tokyo, Melbourne and Berlin and is marked by visceral pulsing rhythm boxes laced with icy guitar tones, mutated synths, field recordings and sparse abstracted lyrics.


The follow up full length LP ‘First Life’ was crafted together with Alex Akers (Forces) and expends further on this sound. From both releases, Adam self-directed a selection of music videos and worked together with other directors such as the Danish artist Sally Dige. A.D. Mana spent the rest of 2018 and 2019 working on a live set and has since toured with a second musician to broaden the sound and impact of the performance.


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